Top 6 Superfoods For A Great Sex Life

There are many aspects of having a great sex life and most people don’t think that some foods can be a positive contributing factor.

There are some great foods that if you eat more of them, can help with some aspects of your sex life. So if you want to know what these top superfoods for a great sex life are, continue reading.

Every aspect of food, whether it’s color, shape, aroma, or texture, seems to make it look beautiful.

Also, there are certain foods which contain various substances that make us feel good. Because they have some effect on our hormones or can stimulate our brains.

These are the foods that you should consider incorporating into your next candlelight dinner to help you and your partner get in the mood.

Top 6 superfoods for great sex

1. Oysters

Everyone knows about oysters and no list about great foods for sex is complete without the mention of oysters. Oysters are excellent for getting men in the mood because they contain minerals like selenium and zinc, and are also high in protein.

Zinc is an important mineral for men as it increases sperm count and the volume of semen. But make sure that you have a great source for your oysters and avoid those that may contain various pollutants.

2. Chocolate

There are many health benefits to eating chocolate especially dark chocolate and it’s also one of the best foods for lovers.

chocolate lipsChocolate has become a symbol of love and lust for decades because of theobromine, which stimulates the brain which then makes a pleasurable effect.

Chocolate is also a rich source of antioxidants which help prevent free radical damage to healthy cells which reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease and certain cancers.

But you need to pick the right kinds of chocolate because some can be very high in fat, so self-restraint should be exercised if you do eat these kinds.

Dark chocolates are usually the best because they are lower in sugar, but higher in antioxidants and theobromine compared to milk chocolate. And for someone who doesn’t have that much of a sweet tooth, dark chocolate is the better option.

3. Kiwi

Kiwi is a colorful fruit which has an alluring and interesting aspect about it which can help flip the switch. Loaded with antioxidants, tropical fruits such as kiwi help fend off heart disease and cancers.

An interesting fact is that kiwi actually contains more vitamin C in it than an orange. Who woulda thought?

4. Honey

Honey definitely makes for a sticky situation (“a cough, cough”) which you’ll either love or hate.

Honey was thought in medieval times to help sweeten the marriage when mixed into a drink. But remember that even if it’s a natural sugar, it still has a high sugar content so use it sparingly.

5. Asparagus

But vegetables are not sexy you are probably saying. Hold on and before you click out of this article – asparagus can actually help get your partner in the mood.

It’s one of the few good sources of vitamin E and is a natural diuretic (prevents water retention).

Without eliminating nutrition, steaming is the right way to present and Asparagus can be easily consumed by hand.

6. Coffee or tea

A great cup of coffee or tea after that romantic dinner can help to cause the release of epinephrine, which contributes to stimulation in the body. It can also be found in dark chocolate.

Just don’t consume too much caffeine before bed, unless you plan on being awake all night long (which may actually not be a bad thing “wink, wink”)

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Top 6 Superfoods For A Great Sex Life
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