Semenax Volume Enhancer Pills Review – Does it Work?

semenax volume enhancer

What is Semenax used for?

Semenax volume enhancer pills is a highly potent and natural supplement for men, it can help improve the quality and production of semen.

These supplements are taken without any prescription. It makes easier for anyone to buy it from the counter without feeling embarrassed.

Use Semenax for about 60 to 90 days to get optimal results.

Before the production of Semenax, it is mandatory to get the ingredients tested to optimize their potency.

Semenax affects the quality of sperms and increases the volume of semen also. This leads to a better chance of survival and hence an increase in the chances of conception.

We all enjoy long lasting sex and prolonged use of Semenax increases the intensity of Orgasm. This leads to prolonged sex and satisfaction.

Continuous use of this supplement leads to an increase in the time of erection. This increases the confidence of men and hence increases their ability to satisfy their partner in a better way.

Semenax is seen to affect all aspects of performing sex and hence men who take this supplement can enjoy overall sex in a better way.

semenax volume pills

A satisfying sexual life is one of the major aspects of a successful marriage and also a happy life. So we have seen that Semenax is a highly potent supplement which helps in enhancing the overall quality of life.

It has been used by men for many reasons like increasing libido etc but the major reason is often that they want to experience stronger orgasms.

This can be obtained by increasing the volume of semen and hence increasing the orgasms which also last for a longer time. Moreover, the climax also gets affected by the intake of Semenax.

Men experienced better orgasms due to increase sperm volume and the sexual experience was highly fulfilling.

Moreover, the quality of the sperms is also improved resulting in an increase in the chances to make your partner pregnant.

Semenax vs. Other products

This product is better than others as it was construed using extensive knowledge about male sexual and reproductive function.

Semenax volume pills combine many natural ingredients and have been used in Chinese Medicine for centuries. This provides dramatic results by increasing the volume of semen by 200% or more.

Semenax is one of the safest supplements which have helped men in a natural way to increase their libido without facing any serious side effects.

Other sex enhancing formulations mostly are not natural. They comprise an active ingredient which is a steroid. Steroids are not advisable to be consumed for longer periods of time as they may show many side effects.

Moreover many people get addicted to steroids. Some natural supplements to increase the libido are also available but their potency is very low as compared to Semenax.

Hence Semenax has emerged out to be the sole supplement which makes such a huge impact on male sexuality.

Semenax has proved to be better than the volume pills owing to its potency. The dosage for volume pills is thrice a day whereas the dosage of Semenax is twice a day.

Moreover, the price factor also affects the choice of the buyer and Semenax is preferred as it is less expensive.

There is one more reason for the success of Semenax as compared to its competitors and that is because it is termed as a diet supplement and not a medicament.

This not only ensures that Semenax can be bought on the counter without having a doctor’s prescription but also increases the confidence of men to buy the product.

Moreover, if Semenax is ordered online they have a policy that you can pay after you are satisfied.

This is a major plus point for Semenax as people feel confident while ordering this supplement. While ordering online people should look out for genuine stuff instead of going for the cheap products at lower prices.

There are some websites which official sell Semenax and people should buy from these sites only in order to avoid any disappointment when the product arrives.

So we can see that Semenax is a potent supplement which has proved its potency much above its competitors. It is quite easy to obtain Semenax and the dosage is also restricted to two times a day.

semenax increase sperm volume

Ingredients of Semenax

Semenax consists of many ingredients which are responsible for the success of the supplement. These ingredients are thoroughly tested for their safety and high quality.

Amino acids like L-arginine, Lysine, etc are used as the basic building blocks for proteins. Other herbal extracts from around the world like, China, Europe, and Brazil are also used to enhance sexual potency.

Semenax volume enhancer pills are manufactured in a camp Certified Pharmaceutical facility and it is a safe supplement in all aspects.

It has properties which enhance the sexual drive and hence produce an increase in the volume of semen in men which leads to an increase in the chance of conception and childbirth.

Clinical trials and studies on Semenax and its ingredients.

The reviews and clinical evidence show the role of Semenax for providing multiple orgasms in a single night.

Each ingredient also has been proved effective to increase the sexual levels in males.

The ingredients which are present in Semenax are Catuaba bark, pumpkin seed, L-lysine, maca, Epimedium Sagittatum, Hawthorne and many more.


Semenax has some sex enhancing ingredients but maca is the most potent ingredient. It can also be helpful in improving female sexual functions.

Many studies have been performed on animals and it has shown that maca enhances sexual function in men. A study performed on mice showed that the administration of maca increases the male sexual function.

Human trials were also done for establishing the role of maca in the sexual enhancement of the male species, in the first one maca was used for 1500 to 3000mg and it showed an increase in libido in the male species.

Maca did not only affect sperm production but also showed an increase in the sexual desire of men using maca.

In another study, it was seen that a continuous use for around 4 months saw an increase in the functionality of the male sex organs.

However, the studies were done without any controlled group and hence these trials were not taken to be genuine. It is also observed that maca is responsible for prostate enlargement.


Catuaba is a Brazilian plant with highly potent aphrodisiac qualities Dr, Meira Penna suggests that this plant shows properties which help the nervous system to be stimulated.

The parts of the nervous system which control the male genital organs and are related to male impotence are also stimulated.

This plant is not clinically tested as it was being used for a long time in Brazil and did not show any ill effects or toxicity.

Catuaba is a potent sex enhancing supplement but it has two side effects which in fact can be considered as beneficial. These are erotic dreams and an increase in sexual desire.


pumpkin seed is responsible for maintaining prostate health and also increases hormonal production. Pumpkin seeds are dried before use and then they are made into a coarse powder.


L-Carnitine is the amino acid which is a highly potent aphrodisiac and it can be found in the sperms.

This amino acid increases the motility of sperms and helps to increase sexual desires. Moreover, it also helps in increasing the functionality of the reproductive system and the prostate gland.


Zinc Oxide is said to be a highly potent drug which can improve the semen quantity and quality. Clinical tests indicate that zinc oxide has a major role in increasing the quantity of semen produced by the male organ.

Raw materials undergo tests in order to confirm their purity and the raw materials required to formulate Semenax are also tested for absolute purity and are provided with certificates of analysis to prove safety, potency, and freshness.


This amino acid is said to increase sperm volume twofold and it also helps in improving the fertility among men who observe low sperm counts or less sperm motility. It also helps in improving the quality of sperm and its activity.


This amino acid was exposed to certain clinical studies and they clearly suggested a rise in testosterone production when combined with the sperms. The quality of sperms also improved when this potent amino was tested on the rats.


This is a potent ingredient in Semenax which is also known as “horny goat weed,”. The clinical trials of this ingredient are not seen as it has been used as a sex drug for quite a long time.

The horny goat weed affects the levels of testosterone and sperms which help in increasing the libido. This potent ingredient of Semenax was first used by the Chinese people and they have done a lot of research on it.

In one of the clinical studies, EPIMEDIUM SAGITTATUM was tested on 22 patients. These people were suffering from renal problems and this herb affected by improving their quality of life by enhancing the sexual drive and performance.

The Dept. of Nephrology, General Hospital of PLA, Beijing in the year 1995 proved that this plant has great ability to improve the sexual potency and owing to this the patients overall quality of life also improved. L-CARNITINE is found in sperms which are healthy.

The motility of sperms which indicates the speed of their traveling depends on this amino acid which is found in high concentrations in sperms.

Other ingredients

Semenax and its ingredients have been tried clinically and the results have proved quite effective on male potency in producing semen.

Other ingredients found in these supplements are Butea Superba, Avena Sativa Extract, Cranberry Extract, Muira Puama, Hawthorne, Sarsaparilla, and Vitamin E

Reviews have suggested that the volume of semen increases by a whopping 500%. Semenax has its effects on the quality of sex as well as the desire for sex. Moreover, due to the active sexual life men have reported having an overall healthy quality of life.

Where to Buy Semenax

This volume enhancer supplement is not available on GNC, Amazon, Walgreens, or Walmart. Make sure you only buy it on the official website.

The price of one bottle is around $ 59.95. As I mentioned above, you can get maximum results within 90 days. So, we recommend choosing a 3 month supply at a price of $ 154.94. It’s cheaper, and you get a discount of $ 25.

If you are not satisfied, you can claim 100% money back guarantee. Simply return the product 67-days from the time of delivery. Please note, a full refund is not included with shipping and handling charges.


This is the best part of Semenax volume enhancer pills! If you are not sure about the benefits of this supplement, you can try it for 67 days for free.

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