Psychological Causes Of Impotence In Men

Impotence is the condition in which men are incapable to have or keep an erection during the sexual activity. There are two main reasons for impotence i.e. physical and psychological.

The Physical Factors

For physical reasons of erectile dysfunction…

  • Medical reasons (kidney failure, heart diseases and diabetes etc.)
  • Lifestyle (poor diet and no exercise)
  • Medicines (painkillers and tranquilizers) and
  • Surgical procedures are included.

The Psychological Factors

psychological factorsIn psychological factors, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and stress are included. These factors contribute almost 20 percent in all the main causes of impotence.

It is very normal for men to experience erectile dysfunction once in a while! But what if you are experiencing this problem persistently? I’m pretty sure it will make a serious impairment in your sexual life then be sure that you are suffering from a horrible disorder of impotence.

It can destroy your married life completely by developing a level of distress and dissatisfaction between you and your sexual partner.

Sexual Trauma

The problem of erectile dysfunction may originate as a result of childhood molestation, abuse or any other sexual trauma.

If you were a victim of such child abuse! This will develop a feeling of guilt and fear of initiating and then sustaining sexual intercourse with your partner.


Stress is considered to be a leading cause of erectile dysfunction. The causing factors of the stress related to the problem of impotence are…

  • Mental incapability with your life partner
  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Sudden accidents
  • Phobias
  • Traumas
  • Money-related issues
  • and other marital troubles


Anxiety is also an important factor in developing the problem of impotence in most men. Old or young men can have this problem.

The performance anxiety happens, when a person has experienced the problem of impotence once in life and then becomes extremely worried that it will happen again and as a result, he starts avoiding his sexual partner.


Depression can also cause erectile dysfunction in men. Negative feelings and thoughts are the leading reasons for depression.

If a person is highly pessimist and is overwhelmed with negative thoughts all the times then he is prone to develop impotence.

Other possibilities

Other causes of impotence are the feeling of inadequacy, low self-esteem, guilt, and indifference.


Physical treatments

For the physical treatments, please consult with your doctor as soon as possible. They will provide the best solution for you. If a doctor recommends using ED pills such as Cialis or Viagra, use it as prescribed.

If you decide to look for an erectile dysfunction pill, first identify the ingredients contained in that supplement. However, there are also natural ED pills on the market that work properly.

If oral treatment is not efficient, doctors may suggest other methods, such as Muse and TRT. In addition, it can also be done penile surgery (implants) or using certain pumping devices.

Psychological treatments

Like physical and medical causes of impotence, the psychological causes are also treatable.

With the help of medications and psychological therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), it can easily cure the problem of erectile dysfunction.

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The role of the life partner is very important in restoring confidence and eradicating fear. Keeping in view the importance of the spouse, couple therapy is usually recommended.

Relaxation techniques and healthy lifestyle will also play an important role in helping men to get rid of this problem.

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Psychological Causes Of Impotence In Men
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