Penomet Hydro Pump Review – Does It Work or SCAM?

penomet hydro pump review

Can Penomet hydro pump enlarge your penis fast?

penometIf there are products that only offer half an inch, forget it! Read our Penomet hydro pump review. This is so effective! It gives you a permanent 3-inch increase penis size and a massive 30% increase in the girth of your organ.

As we know, there are so many natural male enhancement pumps including Penimaster pro, Jes Extender, ProColution plus, and so on. But this time, we’ll talk about Penomet hydro pump review and and why you should try too!

Why Choose Penomet?

Penomet was chosen as the number one penis pump by our expert client. Because it is an innovative product combining technologies never seen in any cock vacuum pump.

Penomet designed by leading engineers in the field with over 100 years of combined experience. Resulting in a product which is so effective and superior. It has passed strict clinical trials and rated as a Medical Device Class 1 that is not only very safe and comfortable to use! But gives you the best enlargement results in the shortest possible time.

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Advantages Of Penomet

In fact, Penomet hydro pump is so effective. You can enlarge your penis size during the very first use of the product! Seeing an impressive enlargement results in less than 15 minutes.

This penis enlarger device is a high-quality hydro or water based penis pump that gives you permanent size gains when used over an extended period of time. It gives you complete freedom from all kinds of male impotence problems. Such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

The Penomet hydro pump has many types of interchangeable gaiters. This means, lets you adjust the suction strength of the pump.

The gaiters help you to choose the suction power. Moderate (if you are new to penis pumping) to the extreme ( if you are an advanced user and have prior experience of penis pumping).

Penomet supports a strong 60-day money-back guarantee! Also, it has a life-time gaiter replacement warranty – a first in the industry.

The high-quality materials that go into the making of this penis pump make it a one-time investment that is going to last you a lifetime.

In 2013, Penomet has received two prestigious awards from Germany.

penomet penis pumps

Benefits Of Using Penomet

Penomet created and available to you after two years of real-life testing. It showed a permanent increase in the length and girth of the penis of the participants involved in the testing process.

Not only that! Penomet highly effective in curing manhood disease. For example, Peyronies disease or a curved penis, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. So it makes an excellent non-medicine treatment for persons suffering from the above-mentioned problems without any side-effects.

Penomet also improves your sexual stamina, helping you to go on and on having sex for hours. Satisfying your partner like never before and helping you to improve your self-confidence in bed.

Build Quality Of Penomet

Penomet probably uses the highest quality materials that you’ll ever find in a penis pump. The main pump cylinder created from the super-hard transparent polycarbonate material. The cylinder has got markings on its wall in both inches and centimeters to help you keep tab of your size gains.

The polycarbonate cylinder is unbreakable while various strength gaiters created from medical grade silicone. Penomet gives a lifetime warranty on the silicone gaiters and an overall 60-day money-back guarantee on the pump.

With quality materials like this, you can be sure to make an investment once you choose to buy Penomet penis pumps.

It is also extremely convenient to use because of its multi-strength gaiter system. It lets you choose the amount of traction that you need. Also, there is a 360-degree pressure release lever on top of the pump that helps you to regulate the pressure inside the cylinder as well.

Although Penomet designed as a water-based penis pump that uses warm water inside the cylinder. It works for promoting tissue growth and can be used privately in the bathroom while having a shower. Also, it can be used as a regular air based penis pump thus allowing you to use it anytime, anywhere.

Penomet Packages

There are 3 packages you may choose from!

  1.  Penomet standard ($127)
  2. Penomet extra ($197)
  3. Penomet premium ($297)

What’s the difference? You only get 1 piece of force 70 gaiter in the standard version of Penomet hydro pump. Meanwhile, in the extra package, they have 3 piece gaiters (force 65, 70, and 75). Then 5 piece of force gaiters (60, 65, 70, 75, and 80) and get a shower strap in premium packages.

Meanwhile, in all packages, you will get the same toolkit. Such as Penomet pump v3.0, digital exercise guidance, and instruction booklet printing.

Like I said before, any purchasing of Penomet devices covering with the 60-day money back guarantee and 3-year warranty. Also, they support the discreet shipping as well.

penomet packages

How to use the Penomet properly

Penomet hydro pump designed so simple and easy to use. If you still confuse! Read carefully this 6 steps below and remember an exercise routine is needed to get the maximum results

  • Pick a tension gaiter you have (The purple 60 gaiters will be great for beginners with the minimum setting as well)
  • Place gaiter into the main cylinder of Penomet.
  • Use the Penomet around penile and pump slowly several times
  • Relax and return pumping (around 15-20 minutes per day)
  • Release tension by slowly push the device sideways
  • After skillful, increasing the pressure by using a stronger gaiter

The Penomet exercises

An expert says this exercises had potential to grow penis size about 80% than traditional water or a regular pumping.

Keep in mind, safety first! Take it slow to use this Penomet hydro pump exercises. Be wise to use it, don’t push it too hard.

Reduce time if you painful and not comfortable at all. Change to a lower gaiter procedure.

The substitute of Purple 60 or Blue 65 is actually an intense exercise. If you need a longer period time using that set, keep working for several weeks before applying the Black 70 or powerful gaiters.

  • Week 1: Purple 60 (Monday to Friday)
  • Week 2: Blue 65 (Monday to Friday)
  • Week 3: Purple 60 (Monday to Friday)
  • Week 4: Blue 65 (Monday to Friday)
  • Week 5: Black 70 (Monday to Friday)
  • Week 6: Black 70 (Monday to Friday)
  • Week 7: Grey 75 (Monday to Friday)
  • Week 8: Black 70 (Monday to Friday)
  • Week 9: Grey 75 (Monday to Friday)
  • Week 10: Alternate Red 80 and Grey 75 (Monday to Friday)

My Test Result With Penomet

I ordered the premium package of Penomet hydro pump along with the five interchangeable gaiters. Regulate the amount of pull that you’re going to experience when using the extending penis pump.

I received my package after five days of ordering the product and my shipment came nicely packed to prevent any damage. Then read the instructions and began using the vacuum pump enlargement straight away.

I used the Penomet hydro penis pump for a full 15 minutes with the various gaiters provided to get a grip on how the system works.

The pump is extremely comfortable. I was surprised to see the penis much longer and thicker with a prominent vein. It was rock hard and looked simply awesome.

Even after I had removed the pump the erection was there for a full 30 minutes. And it was just the first session.!

After three months of regular usage, I am now a full 1.5 inch bigger than ever before and able to remain rock-hard for well over 45 minutes. My girlfriend is more satisfied than ever before and wants to have sex with me all the time.

So am I recommending you to try using the Penomet penile pump yourself? Yes, Absolutely.

Where to Buy

If you confused about where to buy Penomet in stores or Amazon, eBay, GNC! Well, let me tell you, Penomet not sold in any of store above.

The only most trusted place is to visit the Penomet’s official website. Don’t be fooled by scammers!


Penomet is a high-quality penis pump what will do wonders if you’re trying to increase your penis size or get rid of all your impotency problems. The scientifically proven of Penomet is a one-time investment for transforming your sex life forever.

Try out the Penomet hydro penis pump today and see for yourself how it can help to transform your sex life forever.

Visit the official website here!

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