Penis Extenders & Pills Essential Facts

If you imagine that penis extender device is a sex toy, you completely misunderstand! This device was first used to treat Peyronies disease.

If you do not know yet, these male enhancement reviews will reveal the truth.

Most important facts about penis extenders

Penis enlargement has been somewhat of a holy grail throughout history. It is safe to assume that, apart from very few times in history! Men have been interested in making their penises bigger. It is all because of our nature! Our animalistic part of us tells us that a bigger penis is a sign of a stronger, more virile man.

This is complete nonsense, but this is something that we still believe is true. Also, it can safely be said that the modern media are also putting quite an emphasis on penis size and all of this has lead to men wanting to have a bigger package in their pants.

The problem is… Penis enlargement is not a simple issue and that it is often muddied by people who have crappy products to sell.

Because of this! All penis enlargement products have a bad reputation and one type that definitely does not deserve this are penis extenders.

Penis extenders are products that definitely get the job done and that can never be put in the same basket with scam penis enlargement pills and exercise regimens that are nothing but a waste of everyone’s money.

However, due to the very complex market that is the market for male performance enhancers and other male pills, extenders also get labeled as scams. Which they are not and which is something we think of as an inspiration for this website in general.

Please note: Not all penis enlargement pills are a scam! We’ve done investigated and tested it.

Penis extender history

Penis extenders began their lives as nothing more than another medical device.

The original penis extender was developed by a team of Danish scientists and physicians who wanted to come up with an alternative to penis surgery when treating particularly serious cases of Peyronies disease.

This condition is characterized by the curvature of the penis upwards and by pain and discomfort that this can cause.

As the clinical trials progressed, it was noticed that the prolonged use of penis extender device caused the patients to gain in penis size.

After these were replicated on a number of occasions, it became obvious that the developers hit the mother lode and that they had in their possession something truly unique.

Ever since penis extenders have been developed to be penis enlargement products and this is a short, but very exciting history full of great products and results.

How penis extender work?

A penis extender is actually a very simple device. It has a belt that is used to keep the device in place, it has a part that goes around the penis, usually behind the tip of the penis and it has rods, usually two of them, which apply the stretching to the penis.

These rods are responsible for the effects of wearing a penis extender as they extend the penis gradually and mildly.

In the end, you’ll get a permanent penis size without any dangerous procedures and spends thousands of dollars on penis surgery.

How to use a penis extender

There are a few downsides to penis extenders, however. For example, it takes a long time to achieve the results, especially the truly dramatic ones.

For instance, in order to gain an inch in size, one would have to use their traction device for between 6 and 12 months every day, for 6 hours each day.

This is something that some people do not think they can do and they give up even before they had started. This is also why we need to add that penis extenders are extremely comfortable these days and that wearing them for 6 hours is nothing. In fact, most men wear them for 10 or even more hours daily.

The effects can be truly great if the user commits himself and if he is ready to discipline himself in using his product for prolonged periods of time. It is a bit of a process, but it more than makes up for it.

Penis extenders vs. natural penis enlargement pills

When you are seriously considering penis enlargement, there are probably three options that you narrow yourself down to, perfectly understandable.

These are surgery, penis pump, penis enlargement pills, and penis extenders.

Well, since penis enlargement surgery is just too extreme and expensive to even consider seriously! We would like to look at the two options that you are left with – penis extenders and penis enlargement pills.

For the penis pump, we’ll cover up this section on a different page. Under penis enlargement pills, we will include various patches, liquids, oral sprays and everything else.

Are they safe to use?

First of all, we need to look at the safety of these two options.

Penis extenders are perfectly safe for use as they are always tested before they are put out on the market. Also, because the manufacturers need to be registered as manufacturers and not just anyone can produce them. They also employ some very advanced materials and designs that are meant to save the user from any harm.

Penis enlargement pills are also safe for most of the time. As the manufacturers do not use any pharmaceutical drugs or potentially harmful substances of other kinds.

However, there are some manufacturers that are not really too forthcoming about the ingredients.

It is possible to sometimes get various potentially harmful ingredients in your natural products for penis enlargement.

The price comparisons

Next, there is the price. The male enhancement pills may seem like a cheaper solution… because one bottle will usually be cheaper than a penis extender.

You will need to use those pills for months before you can see results and this will come out to be a price that is far greater than the one you pay for the most expensive of penis extenders.

Actually, we will keep an open mind and admit that there is a proven result of natural pill that will improve your erection and make it bigger. (Keep reading folks…)

Penis extenders on, the other hand, work. They are devices that work when given time and when used properly and that is another scientific fact.

This has been proven by dozens of clinical trials and men from all over the world who have increased the size of their organ with penis extenders.

5 reasons why you should get a penis extender

1. It gets the work done

Penis extenders have been proven to work, and not by a panel of experts that have been paid for by the manufacturer. We are going overseas to Europe where all medical devices need to be tested before they are allowed on the market.

The penile stretcher has been tested and it was shown that using the product for long enough causes the penis to grow in size permanently.

This is something that cannot be said for any other penis enlargement product or solution.

2. Penis extenders are perfectly affordable

Penis stretcher is not expensive at all. When you look at the prices of penis enlargement surgery which go up to tens of thousands of dollars!

A few hundred bucks that you will spend on a penis extender (and these are the most expensive models we are talking about) seem like nothing.

You might think! It is too much when compared to some other products that are also supposed to enlarge your penis. But, when you buy a penis extender, that is that. There are no additional expenses and need to buy another every few weeks.

3. Penis extenders are safe

Penile extenders are perfectly safe and they need to be safe in order for them to be available on the market.

Once again, they are medical devices and they need to be tested and tried before being made available.

They are designed and developed very carefully to make sure that no damage can be done to the penis.

4. Penis extenders are easy to use

You just strap on your traction device and you are on your way. You can literally make your penis grow by sitting down, lying down, doing your everyday stuff.

5. Penis extenders are the only penis enlargement solution that works

Even if you ignore the other reasons, this is enough. You cannot get anything else that would work. Apart from surgery which is too expensive and incredibly risky.

Best penis extender on the market

You might be wondering, what extender devices that really work? Did you ever hear some brands like X4 Labs, Male Edge, PHALLOSAN forte, ProExtender, Penimaster PRO, and Jes Extender

Yup, all of them claimed as the best male extender devices. Ohh.. come on! That’s only silly marketing. Do you believe it?

In this case… We’ll tell you a truly working extender and many people around the world already use it.

Meet the SizeGenetics.

Indeed, these brands know how to deal with penis size. You better try these penile traction device and proof it yourself.

Visit the SizeGenetics official website

Best male enhancement pills

As we know, the extender devices are way more expensive and if you only have a tight budget. In this situation! You need to start taking male enhancement pills.

Think to consider before you buy it

  • The ingredients. Check the supplement facts label and be sure to read it carefully.
  • Prices. The high-quality penis enlargement pills only use premium ingredients, that’s why the price is quite expensive. However, to suppress production costs, there are some products using cheap materials.
  • Money back guarantee.

The bottom line is… If you have time, read product review as many as you can. Knowledge yourself first!

However, we’ve done research in depth and testing one product that works flawlessly.

Also, if you looking for erectile dysfunction or ed pills that work better than viagra! Well, these natural enhancing pills 100% can handle it.

I use Vigrx Plus for about 6 months and the result very awesome! The length gains of my penis extend 2.5 inches.

Vigrx Plus brands in one of the most potent penis enlargement pill on the market.

Please note: SizeGenetics and Vigrx Plus is not available in big retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, GNC, CVS, and Walgreens. To get the original ones! Just visit their official websites

Good luck.

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