Penis Enlargement: Top 5 Male Enhancement Methods and Why Is So Important Today?

Do penis enlargement very important to you? If so, keep reading…

From ancient times, men have always identified a large sized penis as the ultimate pride for being a man. For most men having a large penis not only boosts their ego but also helps to increase their self-esteem.

Large penis size is the ultimate symbol of masculinity. Men do indeed go great lengths to increase their manhood if they are not well-endowed naturally.

modern penile enlargement treatmentsDuring ancient times men used hand-powered to increase its size. Modern treatments such as traction devices, supplements, pumps, and even surgical procedures! All work together for the ultimate goal: to give men a bigger penis.

While a large penis is not always necessary for great satisfying sex! It does look and feel good, especially in the eyes of women who usually find a larger male organ. They believe it’s extremely sexy and exciting.

This increases a man’s self-esteem which makes him feel desirable in the eyes of a woman.

Also, many women actually like a huge penis during sex. Because the bigger and thicker penis size giving more friction and sensation. Also, it is more fun to play with during foreplay and oral sex.

Some studies report, about 84% of women are very satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. Read here!

Popular penis enlargement methods

1. Penis Implants

Penis enlargement can be done with a penis implant inserted into our organs through a surgical procedure. So it looks bigger when you get erections.

This process is sometimes dangerous and very expensive.

Based on Dr. Elist, the penile implant can be done with a silicone sheath. It will cost around $13,000 and for about 6 weeks you need to stop sexual activity. This injection silicone hasn’t been full approval from the FDA.

Other possible enlargement methods are traction devices and penis pumps.

2. Penis Traction Devices

Traction devices stretch the penis through a carefully calibrated process with controlled traction. For several months it helps to increase the size of our penis.

The controlled traction creates microscopic tears inside the penile chamber. When healed leads to the growth of new cells helping the penis to grow bigger.

the SizeGenetics

3. Penis Pumps

Unlike traction devices, these penis enlargement pumps give you an instant enlarged and rock-hard erection. It remains erect for a few hours: enough for having sex several times over.

Penis pumps are of two types:

1. Air-based penis pump

The penis pump consists of a cylinder placed around the penis and with a hand pump attached to the cylinder.

When operated, it will draw air inside the cylinder and produce a strong pressure.

Blood from the area around the penis flows in and fills the penile tissue. So that it becomes big and stiff and making a rock-hard erection as well. Penis length and thickness increased significantly

2. Water-based penis pump

The best water-based penis pumps like Penomet and Bathmate HydroMax gives you a permanent size gain. Since they use a more scientific method for increasing the penis size where water instead of air is used as the main medium.

When water is drawn out of the pump cylinder, helps to maintain a uniform suction throughout the entire length of the penis. Resulting in an even and uniform traction force applied to the male organ.

Such a scientific process, when performed over a period of a few months, helps in the growth of new penile cells and tissues, helping your penis to grow and increase in size permanently.

The one area where penis pumps score heavily over traction devices is in significantly increasing the girth of your penis. An increase in girth results in a tighter fit during sex giving enhanced pleasure and mind-blowing orgasms to both partners.

penis enlargement hydromax pumppenis enlargement penomet pump

4. Penis Pills

While there are penis pills which claim to make your penis grow, we strictly recommend you to try out 100% Natural male enhancement supplements like the Male Extra only because they don’t give you nasty side-effects.

However, natural products like Male Extra work slowly but surely over a period of a few months increasing the length of your penis gradually and strengthening the penile tissues.

Male Extra increases the circulation of blood in the penile region thus curing all kinds of male impotency problems giving your rock-hard erections and all night staying power in bed.

Male Extra also contains large amounts of dietary zinc which increase your semen volume and fertility rate and helps in increasing your ejaculation volume tremendously.

5. Penis Exercises

There are 2 most popular types of exercises among penis enlargement lovers.

1. Jelqing

Jelqing is a type of massage technique for the penis. When the penis pulled, there will be a certain pressure that increases blood flow. If done regularly can increase the length and thickness.

2. Kegel

By doing this exercise, your pelvic floor muscles will be strong than average. Also, it helps to maintain urine flow. To avoid medication or surgery, Kegel is by far the most beneficial training methods for managing incontinence.

Other benefits you need to know are helping to treat the premature erectile dysfunction (PED) in the bay.

Kegel exercises also can improve your sexual health. Especially a stronger erection and blood flow through the penis

Penis enlargement exercises like Jelqing and Kegel, when used in conjunct with penis pumps or traction or supplements will speed up your size gain process like never before.

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Penis Enlargement: Why Is So Important Today?
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