How To Get A Bigger Penis Naturally Using A Penis Extender – Tips For Proper Usage

A penis extender or stretcher is a device that you place on your penis while it is flaccid.

It gradually stretches the penis. Help to increase girth, correct penis curvature, stop premature ejaculation, increase your stamina, etc.

The following are some tips on how to get a bigger penis by using a penis extender properly.

Proper usage cannot only lead to better results but can also help you avoid injury to the penis.

How to get a bigger penis naturally with a penis extender

These steps are specifically for using the bestselling SizeGenetics penile extender. But may also work with other extenders.

1. The penis should be semi-erect (1/2 or 3/4 erect) and dry

Place your penis through the base ring of the device! A plastic ring is securely fastened to the base of the penis, while a more flexible silicone ring is placed on the head.

semi erectionYou will next strap the soft comfort pad into the device and then pull the loop down carefully until the head is secure.

Adjust the traction which represents the tension level of the device.

There are two bars that run the length of the penis shaft, and these can be adjusted to suit the desired tension or traction.

This means that you can increase the tension on the penile extender by turning the knurled knobs toward your penis.

This basically means that you will need to attach the extender to the end of the penis. Once in place, the brace can be adjusted to “pull” or stretch out the penis.

It is important to remember that the extender works best under loose fitting shorts or pants and should preferably be aimed downward.

You can even wear it at work and no one will be the wiser if your job requires standing and/or wearing overalls. You can also wear no pants at all if trying this only in your house.

2. How long and how often to use of penis extender

The extender will be quite effective when worn for about five to eight hours a day for about 3 to 6 months or longer depending on the extender you choose.

However, wearing it for this long by most men who have busy work and/or social life can be challenging! So you can use the device for a few hours a day if necessary (although the results will take a little bit longer).

But, it is best to plan to wear the device for 2-hour increments and then take it off for a rest period for a total wear time of about 8 hours per day.

The effectiveness of the device is very dependent on how much time you wear the device on a daily basis. So this is something to remember but it may be possible to still notice some change in your penis. In case you wear the extender for less time than the generally recommended time.

3. How and when to stop using the penis extender?

Once you have gained your desired length and thickness from using the device, you can stop using the extender.

But it is important to slowly taper off from using the device and not abruptly stop in order to prevent any discomfort and in order to retain the results achieved up to that point.

For instance, if you use the extender for about six hours during the treatment period! Once you reach your desired length/thickness, go down to using it for four hours for the first week and then the next week 2 hours and so on.

After this period you should use the extender for 1 hour twice a week for another two to three weeks before you stop completely. This will help to prevent retraction of the length and girth that has been achieved using the device.

Safety precautions when using a penis extender

  • Only use an extender with a comfort strap to prevent pain and discomfort that would occur if you use one without
  • The straps should not be too tight but should still be tight enough so that your penis will not slide out. The pressure from extending the rods may feel tight but should not be painful
  • Do not use the device for more than four hours (spread out throughout the day) when you begin using the device and slowly build up to 6 or 8 hours as you get used to it. Do take 1 to 2-hour breaks in between
  • While some may want to attach the penis extender as they sleep. It may get tangled up in bedclothes leading to accidental injury. So it is best to use it during the day while you are alert for any issues that may arise
  • Some may recommend massaging the penis with some type of oil. For example vitamin E oil, castor oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc, every time you remove the device from the penis
  • Ensure that you wear loose fitting pants if you do wear pants at all
  • In the rare occasion that red sores appear on the skin of the penis, it represents a sign of too much stretching. So, remove the device and wait until the sores go away which may take a few minutes

Last but not least when looking for tips on how to get a bigger penis naturally using a penis extender that you use regularly! Find one that is reliable, well built, durable, that provides accurate traction levels and also one that comes with a money back guarantee.

The SizeGenetics penis extender meets all these requirements! It also scientifically proven, medically backed and has no reported side effects.

It is frankly one of the best ways if not the best method on how to get a bigger penis naturally. Find out more about how it works to enlarge your penis here.

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How To Get A Bigger Dick Using A Penis Extender - Tips For Proper Usage
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