Do Penis Pumps Work? Permanent or Temporary Results?

Using penis pumps is one of the methods that men turn to on how to increase penis size naturally. But while this is a popular method, do penis pumps work?

Before you spend money on a penis pump, let’s look at whether this method of penis enhancement works if you want a larger dick.

What is a penis pump?

This is a device that features a hollow tube into which a penis is placed.

penis pumpsThere are various designs of this device but in general, they feature a handle that is used to suck blood into the penis by creating a vacuum.

By using a rubber ring that is positioned over the base, blood gets stuck in your penis. This ring in the base enables the penis to keep its erection to help you perform without losing your hard-on.

This device is best for those looking for help to maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction). It’s not necessarily for those who are looking for ways on how to increase penis size naturally beyond an erection.

Penis pumps are generally used by men who suffer from ED. This results from various causes such as diabetes or circulatory disorders.

Men suffering from these conditions usually develop poor blood circulation. Prevents enough blood from flowing into the area and helping to maintain an erection naturally.

Through the use of the suction mechanism created by the pump, the penis’ skin and underlying tissues are stretched.

The ring clamps the blood flow and consequently traps blood in the penis. This makes it appear thicker and is able to maintain an erection.

With the help of the clamp in place, these men are then able to have intercourse. But once the clamp is removed, the erection will go away.

Do penis pumps work?

By creating a vacuum-type seal around the penis by pulling blood to the surface, a penis pump can engorge your cock and make it appear bigger.

While the sensations might be pleasant at first, the penis pump results will not be permanent and your cock might go back to its former size.

To response the issue “Do penis pumps work?” the reply is they can work, at least temporarily.

The enlargement effect produced by penis pumps is not permanent. It will disappear as soon as the pumping ceases or if you remove the ring that keeps the blood pumped into the penis.

It is also important to remember that penis pumps will not cause the penis to grow.

If this is what you are looking for, it would be better for you to look elsewhere such as using a penis extender instead.

A penis pump can only help you achieve a bigger and harder erection but only temporarily.

penis pump work

Disadvantages of a penis pump?

When considering whether to use a penis pump or not! It is important to consider many of the disadvantages besides the temporary effect that they produce. Other disadvantages include;

Some men complain that the erection produced by the pump does not look “normal”.

Others complain that their penis feels numb or becomes discolored, misshapen, as well as cold to the touch.

It can be awkward to apply the penis pump as it can interrupt the mood while you are trying to get busy to stop and put the pump on in order to achieve the erection.

Some men also complain of the constriction ring at the base of the penis which can cause mild discomfort upon ejaculation.

If used improperly, a penis pump can be dangerous and lead to injury of the penis including peeling skin, bursting blood vessels in the penis, thinning out the penis, etc.

It can lead to dependency if used for a prolonged period of time i.e. you will only be able to achieve an erection with a penis pump.

Do penis pumps work? Absolutely, if you use the right one and use it correctly but in addition to the temporary effects as well as the many other disadvantages of using a penis pump.

You may be better off using other methods including Vigrx plus pills or SizeGenetics extender which shows you the secret to achieving rock-hard erections using natural methods only!

In addition, if increasing penis length and girth is what you desire, it would be better for you to look elsewhere.

A penis extender is a better option. It is also a better option if you want permanent help to maintain an erection.

A penis extender can help to strengthen your penis unlike a penis pump, which can help you achieve stronger erections naturally without being dependent on any device.

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