DIY Penis Enlargement Extenders – Should You Try It?

Should you try a DIY penis enlargement extenders?

Penis extenders or stretchers are a popular method for natural penis enlargement.

They are even used by some surgeons who perform penis enlargement surgeries. They are not only popular but are effective.

But they can be expensive which is why there are many tips on how to make a DIY penis enlargement extender at home.

Is a homemade penis enlarger safe and do can it be effective?

Popular DIY penis enlargement extenders

Some of these DIY penis enlargement “extenders” are very crude.

If you visit various penis enlargement forums, you will find mention of sticking your penis is a vacuum cleaner for several hours a day to enlarge your dick.

Other homemade penis enlargers include tying a rope around the head of the penis and attaching the rope to your leg or other weight source and so on and so forth.

Are they safe?

diy penis extendersDiy penis enlargement extenders are simply not a safe option. It’s not just because I tout the benefits of the SizeGenetics penis extender. Which is not only effective but has been well researched to ensure safety. This has just not been done with various homemade creations.

With homemade devices, achieving the smoothly finished surfaces that you find with the penis extenders available on the market is difficult.

In addition, when it comes to the proper use of penis extenders, there can be no question that the homemade device will never be perfectly balanced.

Your penis is very delicate and should be handled accordingly as you may end up making it worse if you use these various DIY penis enlargement extenders.

What happens if this homemade device pulls more to the right than to the left?

No doubt, homemade penis extenders are simple to build and don’t cost as much but like with all things, you get what you pay for.

Also, there is a wealth of information available on how to make a homemade penis enlarger.

But unfortunately, there is very little information if any on what happens when you end up in the emergency room after attaching a rope with weights to your penis.

Risks commonly associated with DIY penis enlargement extenders

Cuts and bruises.

This is from using materials that do not protect the sensitive skin that covers the penis. Whereas penis stretchers that you buy usually use materials that are designed not to harm the penis and to ensure comfort while the penis is being stretched.

Nerve and/or blood vessel damage.

This occurs when you interrupt the blood flow for too long a period. Or when you construct a sensitive area using more pressure than you should.

This is because the homemade devices do not come with proper instructions on how to use them properly.

If you experience any loss in sensations on any part of your penis or if your penis starts to change color to blue-green! You may need to go to the hospital immediately as this could be very serious and needs to be dealt with by medical personnel.

Penis extenders have been shown to work very well for natural penis enlargement and cutting corners with a homemade device will simply cause more harm than good if it even works.

Your penis is very valuable, it’s better to have a normal size but its health is maintained. Instead of a badly damaged penis that might result from using various DIY penis enlargement methods.

So throw away these DIY penis enlargement extenders and invest in a penis extender such as SizeGenetics. It has been well researched and well made (unlike using a homemade penis enlarger) in order to not only be effective but to also be safe. Find out more about this bestselling penis extender here.

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DIY Penis Enlargement Extenders - Should You Try It?
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