5 Things What Women Really Want in Bed

I’m a guy who’s married to a wonderful woman.

I have 2 really good female friends. Yup, we are just good friends, nothing more!. There’s never been anything but friendship between me and any of these women, no sex at all. If anything, they’re like the 3 sisters I never had.

So I guess I can say I’m qualified to ask and answer the question about what women really want in bed.

What I’ve gleaned from the 3 wise women in my life, with whom I can speak freely and openly, is that what women really want in bed is a man’s time and attention.

love her all dayYeah, that sounds kind of mundane and obvious but it only sounds that way because it’s true. It ain’t no more mysterious and complicated than that – if you like, a woman wants a man to make love to her ALL DAY!

Now hold your horses, don’t panic! That doesn’t mean she wants a guy with the staying power of 100 marathon runners, no it means she wants a man who is always attentive and always aware of her needs.

Not some guy who’s going to turn it on just because he fancies a bit! As a man, you have to step up and make a woman feel great.

There’s no point getting yourself a supplement and thinking that all you have to do is to sit back thinking “yeah I’m made and I’m laid!”

Nope! You gotta be clever and smart and you have to treat her with all the sensitivity and attention you would if she were your most precious thing.

So, what women really want…

1. Make Her Day

Start slow! If you’re married or in a long-term relationship and things have gotten a little stale and in need of a pep up, then you have to step up and do that.

Imagine you’ve both been at work all day and she’s the one who has to come home, make dinner and get the kids fed, homework and off to bed, while you kick back on the sofa with a beer?

I can tell you, she’s not going to be in the mood to entertain you once the kids are in bed. No, she’s going to be tired and stressed out and ready for her bed TO SLEEP!

So step up, do your fair share and help out. As well as that, throughout her working day, you should’ve been sending her a lovely text message, some flowers (not all women like flowers, you should know what small gift would put a smile on her day)

Basically, you just need to do something loving that will make her know that you might be having a bad day, but you’re thinking of her and you miss her.

2. Make Sure You Look After Yourself

There’s nothing so off-putting for a woman than a man who doesn’t wash or change his clothes or look after himself.

Go get yourself some new undies, make sure you’re well groomed and you smell nice.

You want some action in the bedroom, you gotta turn her on with the package she’s about to unwrap.

3. Get Yourself a Decent Penis Size

make her dayYep, cause size does matter! No matter what you’ve read and heard! Trust me the women in my life tell me that size does matter.

But, don’t overlook the one proviso that comes with that fact: you have to know what to do with it! No good having a raging hardon the size of a baby’s fist if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Which leads me nicely onto this.

4. You Gotta Know What You’re Doing in Bed

And if you don’t, be guided by her. Don’t go steaming in trying to get your orgasm straight off.

Start off with kisses and touching and you better pay damn good attention to her body and what she responds to.

If you’re aware and taking notice this will be simply because she’ll give you the signals when you’re hitting the spot.

So make sure she’s happy and always think of yourself last – let’s be honest us guys can usually cum at the drop of a hat.

Help the lady out, she’ll love you for it, so don’t be a selfish and lazy lover.

5. Don’t Just Roll Over and go to Sleep

BIG NO. It’s a natural thing for both sexes to fall asleep after coitus. However, say something loving and give her a hug and a kiss and the two of you fall asleep together.

Get some or all of the above right and not only will you have Viagra or Cialis or even Levitra as a friend! But you’ll also have your lady as a very satisfied and happy friend.

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5 Things What Women Really Want in Bed
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