21 Ways to Increase your Sex Drive Safely

It comes to us all! Whether we’re happy with our size or not, at some point our sex drive is going to nose dive and for whatever reason, both you and your partner are left frustrated, worried and searching for answers.

Well worry no more, whatever the reason for your disappearing libido, if medically based or emotional, you can find kind of help to turn things around. With that in mind here are 21 dynamic tips to help you boost your sex drive and give the old libido a kick in the pants.

Here are 21 Tips to Boost Your Libido

1. Non Processed foods

Whatever you think about what you’re eating it should be healthy and it should be as naturally produced as you can find it.

It’s a well-known fact that foods that are processed, high in sugars and salts, do not provide you with the right nutrients to keep your sex drive in good working order.

You need a body with healthy blood vessels and membranes to feed the penis and surrounding areas. So cut out the processed foods etc. and opt instead for healthy and natural foods.

2. A male supplement

Search for 3 or 4 of the leading male supplements, research them, read real testimonials and then order one. As well as a vigrx plus, there are a handful of other supplements to choose from and all of them will give your sex drive one almighty kick.

increase your sex drive

3. Get fit

Your body will always work best if you’re in the best condition, or near as. That means you have to get fit, with whatever exercise you enjoy.

That doesn’t mean hitting the gym if you hate the gym, find something that you enjoy, that way you’re more likely to stick with it and boost your sex drive.

4. Open up and share

Guys we do tend to bottle up our problems don’t we? We then end up living with stress and depression. Stress and depression can shrink your libido and kill any chance of a love fest with your lady.

So guys, talk to someone! Talk to your partner about what’s troubling you and or a trusted friend and watch your sex drive return.

5. Spice up and go

Yep, chilies, garlic, and onions are super sex foods that not only spice up a dish, but they get your blood pumping and can trigger some action in your pants.

6. Release that oxytocin

Oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone’ is nature’s way of bonding a couple together.

This hormone, crucial during sex, is often initially released when a man hugs his partner, stares at a picture of her, or makes any kind of physical contact with her. So, guys, it’s great to hug and it’s great for your sex life too.

7. Date night!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nothing gets you and your partner all loved up and frisky like spending happy times together. So get out of those unflattering sweats, get showed and changed and both of you get out of the house for date night.

8. Check your meds

You never know if the side effects of your prescribed meds might be affecting your libido and the only way to find out is to check!

Talk to your doctor and see if there’s another choice for you, “It’s possible that another treatment may be used with fewer side effects” says the Doctor.

9. Share the chores

A quick way to no sex is for both of you to be out working all day and then only one of you comes home and does housework. Share and share alike guys.

She is not going to be in the mood, you’re not going to be in the mood if one of you feels taken for granted and that’s no way to boost your libido.

10. Testosterone

You can boost testosterone levels and so give a massive boost to your sex drive (try Semenax). Testosterone is the main male sex hormone that drives the male libido, so any dip in this hormone and there goes your libido.

11. Counseling

Opening up to your nearest and dearest didn’t work, then how about talking to someone professional like a counselor? This one move could do wonders for your self-esteem and stress levels.

12. Get creative

Want to dress up and don’t know how to broach it with your partner? If you do and you think she won’t understand, try her! Maybe she has a sexual side of her that she’s aching to try out and the revelation could work wonders for the intimacy between you.

13. How about a sex therapist?

It could be that you’ve gone cold on sex because of some sexual trauma that you might have suffered. Well if you suspect that’s the case then get a recommendation from your doctor for a sex therapist to help you through this frustrating time

14. Booze and fags

These two are no good for your love life. They both shrink arteries and in time will slow and or stop the blood flow around the body. You need blood pumping through your veins for sex, so cut out alcohol and smoking as much as you can.

15. Illness

Some major diseases can leave you to struggle to get interested in sex. We’re talking about diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate cancer to name but a few. Again it might have something to do with any meds you’re taking for these conditions, but go and talk to your doctor.

16. Forget your genitals

Guys, it’s easy to think that sex is always all about what’s happening in your pants. Instead, give some real time to the other erogenous zones and watch both you and your partner get some real satisfaction as your love life blossoms.

17. The relationship

Have you thought that your loss of libido could be down to a problem with your relationship? Seriously how is your relationship, are you happy together, still interested in each other and spending time together?

If there is a gulf between you and the relationship is worth saving. You need to figure things out together and if you can’t, then again perhaps it’s time to talk to a therapist?

18. How much sleep are you getting?

Not enough sleep is a real dagger in the heart of your sex drive. It could be that some problem is keeping you awake at night or you have insomnia or another sleeping disorder! Whatever the reason, not enough sleep won’t help your interest in sex, so deal with your problems and give improve your sex drive.

19. Fatherhood

Yes, believe it or not, fatherhood could be shrinking your libido. Children are a joy and a blessing, but if you’re both struggling to spend time together and alone, then, of course, your sex life is going to go out the window. Get things moving by carving out time for yourselves away from the children.

20. Massage

This is a great stress buster and often a gentle way for you and your partner to spend time together. It doesn’t have to lead anyway, but a message a couple of times a week can do wonders for relaxation and intimacy.

21. Stop fixating

If all you can think about is that everything is not as it should be sexually then guess what? You’ll just continue stressing yourself out and spinning your wheels. Relax, pick out a few of these tips and put them into action. Just don’t think around thinking that your sex life is in the toilet or it will most likely remain there.

Of course, some of these tips will help you and some of them perhaps aren’t something you’d ever try.

The important thing is that you don’t just sit and let the situation escalate. You have to try something to increase your libido or your love life will more than likely stay stuck and dying.

So pick a number, pick any number and kick-start the action.

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21 Ways to Increase your Sex Drive Safely
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